The Diversion Entity | June Favourites
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June Favourites

Welcome to my first Favourites post! This is basically a round-up of everything I’ve been loving during June, and I’ll do a new one each month.

This month I seem to have undergone an unintentional health kick, which is peculiar considering all I basically want to do in this wintery weather is curl up under one of my many blankets and drink tea (there’s been a bit of that too, never fear!).


At the encouragement of a few of my pals, I’ve purchased myself a FitBit Alta HR and have been obsessively tracking my step count. At the moment, my goal has been 8000 steps a day; I know 10000 is the recommended amount, however having a “desk job” can make that target a bit hard to reach. So, I’m cheating a bit and getting the celebratory green star a little early. But I think ultimately its working – I’m being much more conscious of my active minutes, and at least thinking about getting off the train one stop early during my commute – as I said, the weather is rather wintery.

In addition to this new step in my fitness regime (ah, the punnery…) I’ve also been inspired by one of my friends to get into salad making, and my workday lunches have never been healthier! Traditionally, I’ve taken dinner leftovers for lunch (our freezer always has a hearty supply), or I’ve just bought lunch. However, after a particularly liberal fortnight of buying rice paper rolls every day (not even any variety, I had prawn and avocado with peanut sauce every time!) I decided to put a stop to the madness and get my act together. Turns out, I LOVE meal prep (it’s not surprising, really, considering my obsession with organisation). You can find my everyday salad recipe over here.

To compliment the green on my plate, I finally made the trek to IKEA, Kmart and Bunnings this month to equip myself with some indoor gardening supplies. I’m having mighty issues with damp in my bathroom at the moment (that’s what you get for having no external windows in an ever-so-humid room) so I thought some plants would be a good way to keep the clean oxygen pumping, particularly at the moment when it’s not so comfortable to leave doors and windows open for fresh air. My friends and I had a good two hours exploring IKEA one rainy Saturday afternoon, and after deciding we could probably be quite happy renting one of the living spaces (I found the loveliest kitchen) I picked up a succulent and bird’s nest fern. I couldn’t find the perfect pot, however, so we headed off to Kmart next and I found these white pots. They do say “Grow Grow Grow” on one side, however I’ve got them turned around at the moment as I like the cleaner look. I ended up adding to my collection with two more ferns, this time from Bunnings, where I also grabbed some potting mix and a spade, and spent an evening happily making a complete mess of the dining room table. Apparently indoor gardening is not as tidy as I thought it would be. The succulent is now happily at home on my bedside table, and the ferns have taken up residence on the top shelf in my bathroom.

While I haven’t been busy getting up my step count or potting plants this month I’ve been getting back into obsessive YouTube binges. My attention has been captured by Netflix and Stan over the previous couple of months (have any of you seen Reign or Riverdale yet?!), however during the last two weeks particularly, YouTube really has been taking up quite a bit of my time. I think maybe because it’s been a bit miserable weather-wise here of late, I’ve really been enjoying Zoella’s adventures this (UK) summer. And the fact that she and Alfie have just moved into a new house means there’s a fantastic amount of unboxing, arranging and organising going on in that particular corner of the internet.


To wrap up this month’s favourites, I really want to recommend you all head over to wherever you get your music from (that’s Spotify for me), and play some Vera Blue. Somehow, I’ve been about three years behind the times in discovering Vera, who was on season 2 of The Voice Australia in 2014, but I’m so glad I’ve finally found her! Her latest release ‘Mended’ has particularly taken my fancy. It’s the perfect sort of music to have in the background when I’m pottering about on the interwebs.

Wishing you all a lovely July. Xo

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