The Diversion Entity | New year, new blog?
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New year, new blog?

I must confess, this update was not composed in a post-NYE celebration lactose and rosé-induced haze. (Partly as I predict that combination will render me rather less linguistically adept on 1 January.) However, 2018 is just around the corner (at time of writing), and I have been thinking for a little while now about how I want this creative outlet to evolve in the new year.

As a prolific consumer of digital media (I think that’s typical of most of my fellow millennials), my attention of late has been drawn to the form and function of platforms, rather than just the content. That is to say, I’ve been getting my teeth into how digital media creatives do it, not just what they do. (For my fellow communications graduates, I promise this is not going to be a monologue on Marshall McLuhan’s ‘The medium is the message’. That’s still clear as mud to me.)

During my life, I’ve fluctuated between being a strategic and an operational thinker. Increasingly, my operational thinking mode overrides when anxiety takes hold – I take the one step at a time approach. This is something I’m training myself to do, because otherwise, when my strategic vision for my life is not panning out as expected, all I really want to do is climb back under the covers, and call my Mum to ask her to cancel all my plans for the foreseeable future. Apparently, that stopped being acceptable past about year 8 (even then, I usually had to get up for school the next day).

This self-imposed re-training of my brain has led me to realise that those step by step instructions I provide myself with are actually a roadmap to my bigger goals. Yes, shockingly, using actionable steps to achieve a larger goal is the way most adults function. I’ll give you a minute to digest this revelation.

So for 2018, I’m developing a plan, a plan to make The Diversion Entity less of a flight of fancy, more of a side hustle. (I groan inwardly at myself for saying that in the naïve, entirely sincere manner expected of millennials.) Developing for myself a step by step guide to content creation and strategy, with my end-goal for the year being a digital presence made up of quality products that are relatable and enjoyable – for you and me both.

Relatable is particularly important. I follow many creatives based in the UK, which is perhaps unsurprising, considering what an anglophile I am. However, it’s also because there’s a few key creators who produce content with which I relate. For example, The Anna Edit shares my propensity for organisation (I could happily watch her packing her suitcase on a loop for hours), and I love Lily Pebbles’ approach to content creation – it reflects her current moods and interests. And she’s raw about things like suffering bouts of just feeling generally meh (we’re all human, and there’s no point pretending otherwise). I also highly respect Zoella’s ability to succeed in the world of social media whilst anxiety attempts to hinder her progress, and the way she constantly adapts to and pioneers a new way of working (including, but not limited to, working in your PJs and receiving seemingly weekly ASOS deliveries). But I want this content from an Australian-based creator. It is the point of view I have been missing, and I figure, if I am, you are too.

What does this mean for you, dear readers? It means more content, and more structure to that content. I am taking a little beach break this month, and I plan to spend it walking an incredibly cute dog, lathering on the sunscreen, and plotting my side-hustle shakeup. At the moment of writing, I have little seeds of ideas, but I don’t know exactly what this is going to look like. That’s why, at the moment, all I’m looking to is Step 1: Making a plan. (Yes, Step 0 is planning to plan; you should always have something on your list you can cross off straight away. #toptip)

Until my next installment, I wish you all a Happy New Year 🎉, and look forward to seeing you again online soon. Xo

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